Sunday, 6 August 2017


Youths Leading Change and Innovation……

The Young Leaders Council is a global organization with focus on Africa and based in Nigeria...

  THE YOUNG LEADERS COUNCIL (TYLC): was founded on February 14, 2017 from a passion and desire to see youths from Africa and beyond rise beyond their challenges and take responsibility for the progress of themselves and the society. It was founded on an ache from seeing our contemporary youths, abdicate responsibility and blame the government, their background, or their immediate environment for the woes that may have befallen them. It was established out of a heart cry to see youths understand the very truths and essence of leadership and position their selves to be great and revolutionary leaders in a fast emerging world.
   The Young leaders’ council is poised to be the largest and most formidable leadership organization in the world with a constant drive for measurable impact and youth development. We have our focus on thematic areas of Civic Leadership, Personal Leadership, cooperate Leadership, Public administration, youth Advocacy, Public Speaking, Sustainable Development, Access to quality Information and Education, Sustainable cities and communities, Open policy making, open and transparent Governance, Peace and Justice Human Rights. We are positioned to build an alliance of the most enterprising young achievers in the globe and develop every young mind who aspires to reach such enviable height of impact and achievement.
   We would work with governments’ civil societies and sister organizations to ensure that the young people are adequately given an opportunity in the development space. The youths of any nation are the building blocks on which such a nation will stand and in like manner if the youths are deranged and in need of direction then such a nation is headed towards destruction. It’s our responsibility as youths who have come to realize our stake and indispensability in nation building to steer the wheel of the nation towards the path of progress by rising of to the global challenge of veritable leadership and start putting in our quota and planning our pathway. We have the mandate.
 It is on the foundation that we call on every youth in Africa and beyond to the table of leadership. Leadership is not in a position or title. It’s in the heart of responsibility and drive for positive change. We reach out to every individual and society to join as we organize for the development of leadership in every youth across our continent and beyond.


To be the flagship alliance of established and veritable youth leaders within the globe and the equipping and rallying point for every emerging young leader.


  • To identify, raise, equip and sustain youth leaders all across the globe.

  • To teach and certify young minds on the need for responsibility in leadership.

  • To safeguard the quality and essence of leadership among youths

  • To rise up to the challenges of youth around the globe.

  • To ensure youth participation in the governance of Nations and societies.

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Friday, 7 August 2015


Hi!!!Do you know that your child can learn a lot through dance? Dancing aids the well being and health of your child. 
It also develops a child's confidence, cultural and self awareness. Many kids see dance as a form of expressing themselves. 
Designed Juvenile Creativity is the place you need to help your child achieve that nimble mind and body you want for him or her. From the 10th of August to the 4th of September, we will be holding our dance classes. 
     You can join us at PH music school, Merit Plaza opposite Abal hall, Akobo Ibadan For just #3000 (form, shirt and tuition), your child can learn salsa, ballet basics, Nigerian and Ghanian traditional dances, hip hop, stretch and flexibility and lyrical dance. 
The classes are open to children from ages 5-14. 
Please share with others who may be intersted.
For more info, please call the following numbers

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